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Visitor from another server?

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Welcome all Guild Wars 2 players whatever their language and server, however we ask please to be respectful of the community. These forums have a moderation team and they work based on rules, under which all users are subject.

If you are visiting from another server, please contact us and we will answer all your questions, whether friend or foe, we focus on communication and understanding whether you are looking to guilds with which to Guild against Guild, as if he wants to discuss about a fight with players Baruch, You will be well received.

If you are interested in joining our forces we recommend you visit the following link, Embassy , ​​inside you will find information about who we are and what we can offer you! but if you think that is not enough information talk with one of our ambassadors and get more information!

More information about our Baruch Bay server:

Server's Information
Frequent Answered Questions
Social Networks
TeamSpeak Servers
WvW Reset Information

If you have information about using Hacking or Exploited Bug used by players from Baruch and I decided to come here instead of the official forums, contact
management forums by private (Pretor) or any moderator and try to help in any way we This hand, however remember that the right to report such behavior channel is the official forum.

Please understand that if you come with the intention of causing the indictments, or flaming, we can not help you.

Thanks for your time and understanding.
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