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Information about Public Reset

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Welcome to reset World vs. World!

Every Friday at 20:00 "UTC+1" opponents of World Against World change, and that is why Baruch Bay calls his followers to the battlefields to fight for your server!

Enjoy an event in which the organization, coordination and support of all is essential to win and have fun!

Enlist! Fight for Baruch! and Get the glory!

Remember that it is essential to communication, it is important to be in the channel TeamSpeak, do not be shy and join to the group of people and players, you do not need a microphone or speak, we just need that you might hear!

The call for these events is done weekly, please, be prepared around 18:30 UTC+1 in the channel to the user organization.

  • Kind of raid: Public.
  • Timetable: Starting at 19:00 UTC+1 till dawn.
  • TeamSpeak:

Are you public Commander?

If you are a player who likes to command public raid, register in the community and join to the guild B A R U C H [BAY], where different members and players of the community will support you with siege, foods and more to command more bearable together. If you be registered in the community, will have access to specific content for commanders where you can find some information and other commanders can teach you or help you in all of you need.

If you are also interested in organizing resets, you can help with the organization of these events using the control file resets clicking here.

You're new in World vs World and you want to play, but ... do not know how it works?

We recommend that you walk through our school section clicking here , or you visit our basic lessons of World Vs. World, which can follow in the form of articles each week or by the debate in the forum!

Do not be afraid to say that! Baruch needs you! curious wonders, you will find a community willing to teach you all the basics anytime!
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