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Where does the name Baruch Bay?

Although the origin is not entirely confirmed, the name seems to come from known warrior hero, Stefan Baruch, who all Guild Wars Prophecies players, known for being one of the "henchmen" you could carry in your group. Importantly, it was one of the group members who accompanied the Rurik's Prince over the Shiverpeaks Mountains, and later went on to play a role in helping the Shining blade.

The Shining Blade is an organization that was founded between 1070 and 1072 AE as a group that rebelled against the White Mantle and their false gods, Mursaat.

Do not forget that also played a role in the encounter with the prophet dragon Glint and fight against the dwarves of Stone Summit.

After these adventures, was deceived by Kilroy Stonekin drinking and left the group, after that he decided to return his homeland of Ascalon. Stefan was killed in 1080 AE known event in the fall of Ascalon "The Foefire"

Because it, became a ghost of Ascalon, today you can see his spirit in the ruins of Grendich Courthouse, guarding one of the last Diessa chalices.

*Know more about the origin of Baruch in the article Stories of Tyria by clicking here .

Baruch today

BaruchBay is today the only server for the Spanish speaking community [ES] and is located in the area of Europe, it's friendly and fun community focused on world events and get great achievements at World against World.

Baruch's Future

We do not know the future, but our goal is to grow every day more and more and be the highest referent as a Spanish-speaking community, we aim to get all those players of Guild Wars 2, have a fun pleasant stay and can get great achievements in competitive events.

What represents BaruchBay website for the server?

Our website is an Spanish-speaking site created for BaruchBay players.

Our current role on the server is to offer a home to all players on it, regardless of the environment, organizing PvE events, supporting national PvP tournaments, performing a training session at McM with the school, promoting the creators of content to make them known to the community and that more and more users can enjoy their work and organizing role parties.

Although our borders seem small, we not only pretend to be a pillar for the Baruch Bay server community, we also seek to be a link between the Spanish community and the Latin community.

B A R U C H [BAY] guild and B A R U C H Alliance.

As a Baruch Bay server community, we not only offer our users all types of content related to the game and the server itself, we also want to contribute with our community guild named "BARUCH [BAY]", in which we meet And we keep ourselves informed of all the events that are being organized, as well as interact within the game with the other players.

If you want to join the clan or need more information click Do not forget to check the rules of use of the forums of our community, clicking here .

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  • Do not forget to check the rules of use of the forums of our community, clicking here .
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