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[Battle Efficiency] Coliseum 1V1 "DELUXE" Edition

06 Oct 2018 01:03 - 10 Oct 2018 14:21 #2782 por Evis
Evis Publicó: [Battle Efficiency] Coliseum 1V1 "DELUXE" Edition
Presentamos la 1º edición del torneo Coliseum 1V1 “Deluxe”
Es una variante de la edición estándar del Coliseum abierta a nivel internacional, donde todos los jugadores de servidores europeos que quieran pueden participar. Todo: premios, formato, mapa… es igual que las de Coliseum estándar para verlo en castellano puedes acceder a él en: Coliseum 1v1
Importante: para apuntarte al deluxe tiene que ser en este post o como se especifica en inscripciones.

We present the 1st edition of the Coliseum 1V1 "Deluxe" Tournament.
For this tournament, we have decided to open up registration to anyone with an EU account, not just Spanish players.

The first edition of this tournament will take place on October 13 (Saturday) at 15:30 (CEST).

The broadcast of the event will be on: ESP ENG

Structure and Guidelines

All matches are Bo3, single elimination, with the final being Bo5.
There will be a 3rd place match.
In case of a draw during any rounds, the player who has the most capture points at the end of the time limit wins.
Each round is max 5 minutes.


The tournament will take place in a private arena. The password will be provided to the players before the beginning of the tournament.

It will be played in the map Legacy Of The Foefire, at the middle base.

The area that limits the terrain is indicated in the image above, being able to kite and play throughout the marked area.

Rules of the Tournament

1- Mender Amulet will be banned.

2- You may change build or class once per round.

3- You must stay within the marked area for the entire duration of the round, anyone who leaves without being knocked out by your opponent will lose the round if they do not return immediately.

4- Punctuality is important for the development of the tournament. Therefore it is recommended to be prepared 10 minutes in the arena as well as the discord server before the tournament starts .

5- If a player does not show up within 5 minutes after the start of their match, he/she will be disqualified.

6- If the use of second accounts or the participation of people not registered in the tournament is discovered, the players involved will be penalized.

7- No type of toxicity or lack of respect will be tolerated.

Contact person: Danielosky.5104 and Domi.4106


1st place: 2000 gems

2nd place: 800 gems

1 mini-Llama for 50% of the participating players: the 50% that obtained the best score.


You have until October 12 (Friday) to register for the tournament by in-game mail or by the forum. For this you have to send an in-game mail to Danielosky.5104 or Domi.4106
or post below this post your in-game ID.

For example: potato.1234.

You can also register by visiting until October 13th before the start of the tournament.

I invite you to join this experience to enjoy , compete and have a good time along fellow players.

Good luck to everyone and may the best win!
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