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Information about the server:

  1. The server is owned by Zboy community, BaruchBay only provides part of their dns, for the Guild Wars 2 community access, also contributes passively to server maintenance.
    1. ZomBoys [zBoy] is a community of players, mainly focused on Guild Wars 2, whose mission is to contribute, in its own way, to connect and connect the players of these different games and their communities.
  2. In this server are hosted several communities of players besides the one of BaruchBay, you will find players of other games.
  3. The administration of the Teamspeak server is different of BaruchBay's administration.

Server Rules:

  1. Respect others; Any disrespect, insult or contempt within the ts may be grounds for temporary or indefinite expulsion from the server. If this situation occurs into the game, this behavior would not be punishable in the ts as long as it does not interfere with the normal operation of the game (for that are the locking tools of the game itself).
  2. Please put a nick to know you, do not shout, do not raise or 'tread' with your voice to the commander; This can be considered a lack of respect.
  3. The misuse or misuse of the chat and any of its functions ( 'pokes', private messages, etc.), causing annoyance to ts users, may be reason enough to expel you from the channel or even from the server.
  4. Use the ts channels properly. Each channel has its own purpose.
  5. No recording or 'stream' is permitted under any circumstances except:
    1. It is performed on a designated channel for this purpose.
    2. You have the specific permission of a moderator / administrator to make a specific recording or 'stream'.
    3. You are not on a channel designated to be able to record / 'stremear', but you have the permission of each and every one of the users that are in that channel. In this case, you must warn that you are recording / 'stremeando' as well as requesting the permission to continue performing it to any user that joins that channel, ceasing your activity immediately in case of obtaining the denial of any of them.
  6. McM channels will have validation for those who have an account in Baruch, regardless of whether they have other accounts on other servers. However, if a user abuses this validation by performing espionage or similar acts (including, but not limited to, remaining on the channels that require account verification on a server other than Baruch) May be sanctioned with a temporary or indefinite expulsion of this ts.
  7. Failure to comply with any sanction imposed by the administration of this server ts will result in a permanent expulsion from it.
  8. No advertising is allowed within the server, except approved by the administration.
  9. The use of voice modulators is not permitted.
  10. The name "Spy of" or similar is not allowed since it can generate salseo or bad roll in the channels.
  11. All rules may be revised, modified, canceled or additional rules may be added, at the discretion of the administrators.

Channel Requests:

You can request a FREE permanent private CHANNEL for your clan.

This request will be reviewed by the public administration of TS as well, we strongly remind you to read the RULES of the server before completing the request, because when sending this, you are accepting those RULES in their fullness.

If you want to request a channel, you must complete the form, as well as send an email to Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo. with the following information:

  1. Guild Name, including "tag" (example: The Incredibles [LI]).
  2. Game to which it belongs (if it were of Guild Wars 2, we would also need your username in the game, eg: fulano.xxxx).
  3. Membership.
  4. Your UId or Unique ID in the ts (you can see it in settings> identities> Unique ID).

The following conditions must be met for use and enjoyment:

  1. Minimum size of 5 active members (if checked, the channel will be deleted).
  2. Complete both the form and the sending of the previous information to the mail.
  3. The applicant, until communicating otherwise, will be the administrator ( "leader") of that channel. No "leader" or any other permission will be granted to any other person without express request of the current "leader".
  4. The initial maximum granted size of the channel may not exceed 5 subchannels.
  5. The channels of your private zone will be semipermanent, so that, in an eventual maintenance of the server, they could be erased. We recommend that you have a backup of all the information you want to keep from describing the channels.

*If your private space needs to skip these limitations, check our channel promotion system.

Channel promotion system

What is the promotion of channels?

It is a system with the purpose of encouraging and rewarding all those users who actively collaborate in the maintenance and development of the server.

For those users who need to skip the limitations imposed by the use of the channel, users who collaborate in the maintenance of the server (here you can know how), or guilds that actively develop any community or public events in Baruch Bay [ES] server, on Guild Wars 2, will have a number of advantages, such as:

  1. No Limits the number of subchannels you may own (within reason)
  2. Possibility to have an own clan icon in the ts.
  3. Preferential positioning within the ts, to make easier the access of players.
  4. Inclusion on channel index.
  5. Conversion channels from semipermanent to permanent (avoid possibility of deletion after maintenance).

What are the conditions to enjoy these advantages?

You must meet one of the following requirements:

  1. To be an active collaborator, organizing and carrying out public activities in the Bay of Baruch [ES] server in a continuous way.
  2. Collaborate in the maintenance of the server making donations (through PayPal or other means).
  3. Make a monthly donation of 100 gold, sending this amount to one of the administrators, (Guild Wars 2).

All amounts raised (both actual and game) will be used to improve the service, as well as for the purchase of various objects for sweepstakes at public events (such as Pink Day, etc.) and the like.

If you want more information about this service visit the official thread by clicking here.

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